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26timesaweek's Journal

we choose to run
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This is a community that goes for basically any type of music that’s punk, metal, hardcore, rock, emo and anything in between. Everyone goes. Feel free to post whatever you want, whether it’s thoughts, lyrics, concert dates, pure volume links, or original poetry. But it would be cool if you could fill out this survey, just so that we could all get to know each other better… this is NOT mandatory, but you could indulge me. Thanks and have a great fucking time.

Lyric describing yourself:
What you’re wearing right now:
What you’re listening to right now:
What were you doing before this?:
What did you do last weekend?:
What was the last concert you attended?:
Do you support your local bands?:
How did you find this community?:

Favorite TV show:
Favorite band:
Favorite song:
Favorite lyric:
Favorite movie:
Favorite article of clothing:
Favorite book:
Favorite soundtrack:
Favorite album:

Punk or hardcore:
Punk or emo:
Hardcore or metal:
Pop or rock:
Rock or punk:
Movies or TV:
Socks or sandals:
Long sleeves or short:
Sweatshirts or jackets:
Shorts or long pants:
Pants or jeans:

across five aprils, adema, afi, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, amber pacific, anberlin, armor for sleep, armsbendback, as i lay dying, avenged sevenfold, avoid one thing, beloved, beneath the ashes, billy talent, black flag, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blindside, blink 182, blood for blood, blood has been shed, boys night out, boysetsfire, brand new, break the silence, breaking benjamin, bury your dead, chevelle, clearing autumn skies, coheed and cambria, comeback kid, converge, dashboard confessional, daughters, dead of winter, dead poetic, deadsy, deftones, denver, dimmu borgir, dropkick murphys, duran duran, e-town concrete, eighteen visions, evergreen terrace, every time i die, fall out boy, fastball, finch, flogging molly, folly, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, further seems forever, give up the ghost, glassjaw, green day, guns and roses, harkonen, hatebreed, hazen street, hey mercedes, himsa, hopesfall, incubus, it dies today, jawbreaker, jersey, jimmy eat world, joy division, killswitch engage, kittie, led zeppelin, letter kills, linkin park, marilyn manson, matchbook romance, mest, mewithoutyou, minor threat, moments in grace, most precious blood, motion city soundtrack, mudvayne, nickelback, nirvana, no hollywood ending, nofx, nora, norma jean, open hand, paint it black, pink floyd, poison the well, premonitions of war, radiohead, rammstein, remembering never, rise against, senses fail, shadows fall, sinai beach, slick shoes, smashing pumpkins, spitalfield, story of the year, strung out, stutterfly, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, switchfoot, symphony in peril, system of a down, taking back sunday, taproot, terror, texas is the reason, the beautiful mistake, the black dahlia murder, the bled, the bouncing souls, the casualties, the early november, the hope conspiracy, the lawrence arms, the mighty mighty bosstones, the movielife, the red chord, the suicide machines, the used, the vines, these arms are snakes, this day forward, this runs through, thrice, throwdown, thursday, trapt, tsunami bomb, underoath, unearth, vaux, walls of jericho, with honor, yellowcard, zao