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Let's be friends

Name: Sara
Sex: Female
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Lyric describing yourself: Die knowing you lived your life on your knees
What you’re wearing right now: Black sandals, Tilt jeans, white A|X t-shirt
What you’re listening to right now: Populace In Two- FFTL
What were you doing before this?: A.P. U.S. History homework, yeah I know I'm cool
What did you do last weekend?: Worked, I think, probably went out
What was the last concert you attended?: The Used
Do you support your local bands?: Yep
How did you find this community?: I searched for Fall Out Boy

Favorite TV show: ...Gilmore Girls... don't judge me
Favorite band: Impossible question
Favorite song: At the moment? Beating Heart Baby- Head Automatica, but it changes frequently
Favorite lyric: This is hard, and the lyrics that has just come to me is: So let's make this night be our best mistake... yeah, I guess that is my favorite
Favorite movie: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Fight Club, Cruel Intentions, The Breakfast Club
Favorite article of clothing: I don't have one... I have one of those plastic soda cap bracelets... but that's not really clothing... I'm a fan of it though... and my Vans, I love them
Favorite book: Speak, anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Alice In Wonderland, The virgin Suicides
Favorite soundtrack: Cruel Intentions or Garden State
Favorite album: Everglow- Mae

Punk or hardcore: Hardcore
Punk or emo: Emo
Hardcore or metal: Hardcore
Pop or rock: Rock
Rock or punk: Rock
Movies or TV: Movies
Socks or sandals: Sandals
Long sleeves or short: Long
Sweatshirts or jackets: Sweatshirts
Shorts or long pants: Definitely pants
Pants or jeans: Jeans

I'm actually not as lame as that makes me sound... no, wait.. yes, yes I am.
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