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Hi. *Waves* I'm new. =)

Name: Krystal.
Sex: Female.
Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida.
Lyric describing yourself: "I had the whole world in my hands and I gave it away." -UnderOATH.
What you’re wearing right now: My jammies still. =D
What you’re listening to right now: The Used.
What were you doing before this?: Talking to my Boyfriend.
What did you do last weekend?: Hung out with my Boyfriend.
What was the last concert you attended?: The Mindy Hates Florida show. And I'm going to another local show tomorrow night.
Do you support your local bands?: Hell yes.
How did you find this community?: My boyfriend.

Favorite TV show: The Real World, South Park, Boy Meets World, Who's Line Is It Anyway?
Favorite band: As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, A.F.I., UnderOATH.
Favorite song: I have wayyyyy too many.
Favorite lyric: "You are the trend until it's over. This is where the beauty ends." -Deadstar Assembly.
Favorite movie: The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, House Of 1,000 Corpses.
Favorite article of clothing: Shirts.
Favorite book: Rainbow Boys, Cut, Speak.
Favorite soundtrack: Napoleon Dynamite. ;)
Favorite album: As I Lay Dying: "When Frail Words Collapse" (I think I spelt that wrong)

Punk or hardcore: Hardcore!
Punk or emo: Emo.
Hardcore or metal: Hardcore!
Pop or rock: Rock.
Rock or punk: Punk.
Movies or TV: Movies.
Socks or sandals: Socks.
Long sleeves or short: Short.
Sweatshirts or jackets: Hoodies. =)
Shorts or long pants: Long pants.
Pants or jeans: Jeans.
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