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Name: Lala;)
Sex: female
Location: FREDNECK! lol
Lyric describing yourself: "Wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel."
What you’re wearing right now: tank top, jeans
What you’re listening to right now: P!ATD
What were you doing before this?: eating
What did you do last weekend?: hung out with my friend CC
What was the last concert you attended?: ashes remain
Do you support your local bands?: Psh, what bands?
How did you find this community?: I was just lookin around the livejournal communities and found this one...

Favorite TV show: SouthPark!
Favorite band: Fall Out Boy
Favorite song: I don't know, I have 2 many...
Favorite lyric: "Good god I wish I was tall" - lol random
Favorite movie: Anchorman
Favorite article of clothing: This one pair of distressed jeans
Favorite book: Sisterhood of the traveling pants
Favorite soundtrack: Eurotrip (SCOTTY DOESN'T KNOW! lol)
Favorite album: Take this to your grave - FOB

Punk or hardcore: both
Punk or emo: punk
Hardcore or metal: hardcore
Pop or rock: rock, pop can go die
Rock or punk: both
Movies or TV: depends on the show/movie
Socks or sandals: sandals
Long sleeves or short: short
Sweatshirts or jackets: jackets
Shorts or long pants: uh shorts
Pants or jeans: jeans
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