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Name:Alexis ( or whatever variation you can come up with)
Sex: female
Location: Westbrook, Maine
Lyric describing yourself: "well just so long as this things loaded"
What you’re wearing right now:T-Shirt, Black shorts.
What you’re listening to right now:The early november
What were you doing before this?:talking on the phone
What did you do last weekend?: soccer
What was the last concert you attended?: Jimmy Eat World
Do you support your local bands?: hell yeah
How did you find this community?:searched

Favorite TV show: metal asylum (fuse)
Favorite band:Taking back sunday
Favorite song: pretty pretty, the early november
Favorite lyric: I know that this is hwat you want, a funeral keeps both of us apart.
Favorite movie: bowling for columbine
Favorite article of clothing: black underoath sweatshirt
Favorite book: catcher in the rye
Favorite soundtrack:rocky orror picture show
Favorite album: brand new (deja entendu)

Punk or hardcore:hardcore
Punk or emo:emo
Hardcore or metal: metal
Pop or rock: rock
Rock or punk: punk
Movies or TV: movies
Socks or sandals: both
Long sleeves or short: long
Sweatshirts or jackets: sweatshirts
Shorts or long pants:long pants
Pants or jeans:jeans
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