Names are for dorks (capt_morgan_1) wrote in 26timesaweek,
Names are for dorks

Joined, but got distracted.

Sex: Male
Location: Clinton Twp. MI
Lyric describing yourself: uhhh, never thought about it, and i listen to too much music to find one right now.
What you’re wearing right now: shorts and a t-shirt.
What you’re listening to right now: Velvet Revolver
What were you doing before this?: takin a nap.
What did you do last weekend?: yard work
What was the last concert you attended?: omg, um, i dont remember, it sucks to be poor.
Do you support your local bands?: if they are good, yes, if they suck, i pretend they dont exist.
How did you find this community?: i dont remember.

Favorite TV show: Family Guy, Rescue Me
Favorite band: 311, System of a Down, Velvet Revolver.
Favorite song: uhhhh, Stairway to Heaven, or Bohemian Rhapsody? idk, i like the classics
Favorite lyric: refer to question #4
Favorite movie: Fight Club, or The Blues Brothers
Favorite article of clothing: pants or shirts with sarcastic smartass comments.
Favorite book: Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra(sp?)
Favorite soundtrack: i dont think ive ever just bought or listened to a soundtrack honestly
Favorite album: Toxicity or From Chaos

Punk or hardcore:hmmmmm, hardcore
Punk or emo: ummmm, neither really.
Hardcore or metal: metal
Pop or rock: rock
Rock or punk: rock
Movies or TV: movies on tv
Socks or sandals: socks
Long sleeves or short: short
Sweatshirts or jackets: jacket
Shorts or long pants: pants
Pants or jeans: jeans
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